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Good practice: Managing roles through Spinpanel groups

The Spinpanel Portal provides fine-grained Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). This makes it possible to grant users very specific access to certain functionalities and customers in Spinpanel. One of the benefits of this is that you can have your employees execute tasks that would normally require Microsoft Partner Center permissions, without having to give that user access to Partner Center at all. The scope of the assigned permissions allows you to select which customers a user has the selected permissions for.

Manage roles through Spinpanel groups

Because the available roles allow for such specific settings when assigning them, the management of these roles, if not done efficiently, can become quite time-consuming. This why we recommend always managing roles within Spinpanel through Spinpanel groups.  

Save time with Spinpanel Groups

The main benefit of managing Spinpanel roles through groups is time saved. When you create a role and assign it to a group, any users you add to that group will inherit the permissions assigned to the group. This means that when you need to change the scope of a role (for example, when you onboard a new customer), you only have to do this once for each role assigned to the group. If you were to need to do this for several users, you would need to update each role assigned to a user with a new scope. This would cost significantly more time and is the main reason we at Spinpanel highly recommend managing Spinpanel roles through Spinpanel groups. To read more about groups, please see this article.