Purchase Spinpanel on the Azure Marketplace

Before you begin the onboarding process, make sure you have an active Azure subscription. This Azure subscription is where you are billed for Spinpanel usage. Creating a new Azure subscription is free.  

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Marketplace and click Get it now. If you are not already you will now be prompted to sign in
  2. Fill out the basic profile information pop-up and click Continue.

Setup + subscribe from the Azure portal

You are now redirected to the Azure portal. From this page, click Setup + subscribe

Select the Azure subscription you wish the Spinpanel usage and costs registered to, and specify a resource group. Give the Spinpanel subscription a name of your choosing.  

Recurring billing should be set to On

Select Review + subscribe

On the next screen, review the agreement and click Subscribe

The offer is now being purchased, and this can take a couple of minutes. 

When the subscription process has been completed successfully, you are ready to start onboarding your organization to Spinpanel.  

Click Configure account now

You are now redirected to portal.spinpanel.com and can start with your organization's onboarding. Please select what type of Microsoft CSP relation you have and start your onboarding: